Black Belt Testing

Black Belt Testing

Friday and Saturday. Those words had been repeated in my mind for months, haunting over me. If only I will be able to remember all those forms (a combination of various hand and leg techniques) and form definitions (history of forms)! If I can I will be able to test for a High- Red belt and then a black belt, I pondered to myself. It was my first Black Belt testing and I was extremely nervous.

I did not want to be late so I dashed into the building where Grand Master was beckoning for my mom, dad, and I to hurry in. I was testing with my mom and dad for the same belt, High- Red belt.

Once we were in we realized they were starting early! We raced to take of our sweaters and rapidly ran into the room. We were there in the Do Jang - Place to practice or do Tae Kwon Do - just in the nick of time!

Friday was for exercises and it was an eternity long exhausting journey. “Red and High- Red belts, fifty push ups,” yelled the instructor. “100, for black belts and higher black belts!”

The evening continued in this terrifying way. After push ups we did sit ups, kicks, and Jumping Jacks just to name a few. Exhausted but overwhelmed with happiness that we had done the first day of Black belt testing we thankfully exited the center. We would come back the next day for another four hours or another tiring eternity at Black belt testing. The whole time we were testing I was thinking of learning all those forms (combinations of different kick and hand techniques) and form definitions (history of forms). I was also thinking of breaking.

The next day I was so nervous because of board breaking. Now, I've broken boards plenty of times, but I did not know if I could break the board with my jumping back-swing kick. Every time we had practiced I had always missed the board by a mile. That is probably why it had been another thing haunting over me since the start of testing. The next day as we were finishing Forms and Sparring Grand Master hollered out, “Red belts get on your boards for your age level.” My mind raced and my hands shook as I went to get my boards. My friends were equally nervous.

We started off with the Jumping Back swing- kick. I steadied myself in front of the instructor. My heart raced as I took my Guarding stance. First time: missed. Second time: I hit it but not strong enough. Third time: same as second time. After the third time I could feel my face burning up like ashes as the Judges gave me advice. Fourth time: I HIT IT!

I broke the other two boards with one turn! I was full of extreme embarrassment since, I had never taken four times to break a board. My dad had broken all the boards with one hit and my mom had broken all of them. Both my parents had done better than me even though they had one inch boards and kids only had a centimeter boards.

One cool thing about testing was that all the kid High-Red belts that were becoming Black belts broke three centimeters that were stacked on top of each other and the adult High- Red belts broke Bricks!

After the belt ceremony where we had to shake hands with all of the participants and I had gotten scared when shaking hands with the third degree Black Belts my mom and dad gathered around the sitter and the sitter was congratulating us. “WOW! you guys are all High- Red belts!,” she continued these words of praise while we entered the masses of cars that were located in the Parking lot. We all went happily home and I dove into the sitter’s car.

I am so glad that I could do Black belt and I can’t wait to go next year to test for my Black Belt. If only I can remember all those Forms and Form definitions!